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CESAB 325D Diesel Powered FLT

Cesab M325D Diesel Powered Counterbalance Forklift Truck

2500Kg Capacity, 2-Stage Mast Full Free Lift, 3700mm Lift Height, 2013 machine with 6500-Hours.

Serviced and Painted with Thorough Examination.

£8,500.00 + Vat (STOCK)

Mitsubishi 4-Wheel Electric Powered FLT

Mitsubishi FB20CN Electric Powered 4-Wheel Forklift Truck

2000Kg Capacity, 3-Stage Mast FFL, 4700mm Lift Height, Sideshift, Year 2005, 8600-Hours.

Serviced, 12-month Thorough Examination, New Front Tyres.

£6,500.00 + Vat (SOLD)

Test 2

Sealed, protected, and specifically designed for low maintenance needs in every system, PREMIA EM platform power pallet trucks are built to cope with the most demanding of conditions. In spite of uneven ground, splashing water, dust and rough treatment, they just keep on working. With intuitive handling via the simple-to-use tiller arm, from the safety and comfort of the ergonomic platform, your operator is always secure, confident and in full control.

Both standard (PBV20N2) and heavy duty (PBF25N2) models are available to meet different needs. The PBF25N2 is designed to withstand non-stop, intensive use, over longer distances, with the heaviest loads. It will reach a top speed of 8.5 km/h (optional 12km/h). The standard PBV20N2 is ideal for pallet transfer work in logistics terminals and industrial warehouses, as well as loading and unloading vehicles. There is also an ingenious double pallet model (PBV20ND) which can handle two pallets at once. Ideal for loading and unloading double-deck stacked pallets.