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  • Refurbished Trucks Available April 11, 2024


                          Before                                                                         After

  • Linde H20T LP Gas Truck April 9, 2024

    Linde H20T, 2000Kg Capacity, 3-Stage Mast Full Free Lift, 4500mm Lift Height, Sideshift

    2013 with 5794-Hours.


  • Mitsubishi FG18NT LP Gas Truck February 16, 2024

    Mitsubishi FG18NT LP gas Powered FLT,

    1800Kg Capacity, Triplex Mast FFL, 4700mm Lift Height, 2019 machine with 5700-hours, Manual Hydraulic Controls.

    Truck will come serviced, Painted and have a 12-month Thorough Examination.

    £7,500.00 + Vat (In Stock)


  • Mitsubishi FG25N LP Gas Forklift Truck January 1, 2024

    Mitsubishi LP Gas Powered Counterbalance Forklift Truck, 2500Kg Capacity, 3-Stage Triplex Container Spec Mast, 4700mm Lift Height, 2012 machine, Sideshift, Fingertip Control. Truck will come Painted, Service and have a 12-Month Thorough Examination.

    £5,500.00 + Vat (STOCK)

  • SAMUK B35D Diesel FLT January 1, 2024

    Samuk B35D Diesel Powered FLT, 3500Kg Capacity, 2013 machine.

    3-Stage FFL Mast, 4500mm Lift Height, Sideshift, 5103-Hours, Part Cab.

    £8,700.00 + Vat (STOCK)

  • Artison FG30 LP Gas Powered FLT January 1, 2024

    Artison FG30 Gas Powered 4-Wheel FLT

    3000Kg Capacity, 3-Stage Triplex FFL Mast, 5500mm Lift Height, Manual control hydraulic levers,

    Year 2015, 4200-Hours, Full Road Lights, Good Tyres & Forks. Side shifting Fork Positioner Fitted with 1520mm Forks,

    Opening Range is 380mm – 1310mm

    £10,500.00 + Vat (STOCK)

  • Hyster 2-ton Diesel Powered FLT December 18, 2023

    Hyster H2.0FT Diesel Powered Forklift Truck, 2000Kg Capacity, 2008, 4400mm Triplex Full Free Lift Mast, Sideshift

    Full Road Lights, Serviced and recent Thorough Examination.

    £4,000.00 + Vat (STOCK)