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Used Sales

  • Refurbished Trucks Available May 4, 2022

    Before                                                                           After

  • BT/Cesab Electric 3-Wheel Forklift Truck May 3, 2022

    BT/Cesab CBE15T 3-Wheel Electric Forklift Truck

    1500Kg Capacity, 3-Stage Full Free Lift Mast, 4500mm Lift Height, Sideshift

    2004 with 1498-hours, New Battery Fitted (May 2022) Single Phase Charger

    £6,500.00 + Vat (STOCK)

  • Toyota Gas Compact Forklift Truck May 1, 2022


    2500Kg Capacity, 3-Stage Mast Full Free Lift, 5500mm Lift Height, Sideshift

    2002 machine with road lights, Beacon and reverse Alarm.

    £3,200.00 + Vat (SOLD)

  • Caterpillar Electric 3-Wheel FLT April 22, 2022

    Caterpillar EP15PNT 3-Wheel Electric Powered Forklift Truck

    2016, 4700mm Lift Height, 1500Kg Capacity, Sideshift, 415-hours, Single Phase Charger. Comes Serviced and 12-month Thorough Examination.

    £9,500.00 + Vat (STOCK)


  • Mitsubishi FG35K LP Gas Truck April 18, 2022

    Mitsubishi FG35K, 3500Kg Capacity, 3-Stage Mast Full Free Lift, 5500mm Lift Height, Sideshift

    2002 with 4332-Hours, Manual Control Hydraulic Levers. New Head Gasket, Mast Bushes, Tilt pins & Bushes.

    £8,300.00 + Vat (STOCK)

  • Caterpillar GP25NTD LP Gas Powered FLT April 8, 2022

    Caterpillar GP25NTD LP Gas Powered FLT

    2500Kg Capacity, 3-Stage Triplex FFL Mast, 4700mm Lift Height, Manual control hydraulic levers,

    Year 2019, 1263-hours, Full Road Lights, Load Guard, Good Tyres & Forks.

    £14,951.00 + Vat (STOCK)

  • Still RX70-18T LP Gas Powered FLT March 21, 2022

    Still Gas Powered Forklift Truck, 1800Kg Capacity, 2014, 4700mm Triplex Full Free Lift Mast, Sideshift

    Full Road Lights, Serviced and recent Thorough Examination.

    £6,000.00 + Vat (STOCK)

  • Bendi Articulated Forklift Truck February 1, 2022

    Bendi B206c, 1800Kg Capacity, 3-Stage FFL Mast, 6000mm Lift Height, Sideshift, 1998, 2015 Battery, New Hydraulic Pump and motor

    £3,500.00 + Vat (STOCK)