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Used Sales

  • Toyota 5FBC25 Compact 4-Wheel Electric FLT May 29, 2019

    Toyota 5FBC25 Compact 4-Wheel FLT

    3-Stage Mast FFL, 6000mm Lift Height, Sideshift, Year 2003, 21447-Hours

    £4,550.00 + Vat (STOCK)

  • Mitsubishi 1.8-Ton Gas Truck April 2, 2019

    Mitsubishi FG18N LP Gas Powered FLT

    1800Kg Capacity, 2-Stage Simplex PFL Mast, 3300mm Lift Height, Sideshift, 2004, Manual Control Levers, 

    £5,400.00 + Vat (Out on Hire)

  • Flexi G3 Electric Articulated Forklift Truck April 1, 2019
    • Flexi G3 Articulated FLT, 3-Stage FFL Mast, 8600mm Lift Height, Sideshift, 4000mm Closed Height, 2003
    • £4,950.00 + Vat (Out on hire)
  • Toyota Gas Forklift Truck October 13, 2017

    Toyota Gas Powered Forklift Truck

    1996, 1500Kg Capacity, 2-Stage Simplex Mast, 3300mm Lift Height, No Sideshift but piping is there so one can easily be fitted. Tyres OK needs a clean and service but this will be done prior to delivery. Delivery at cost. 

    £2,500.00 + Vat (Out on Hire)


  • Mitsubishi Reach Truck June 22, 2017

    Mitsubishi RB20NH Electric Powered Reach Truck

    2008, 7000mm Lift Height, 2963mm Closed Height, Sideshift, Good Battery and Charger, Painted

    £6,500.00 + Vat (As is) (Stock)

  • Toyota 3-Wheel Forklift Truck June 21, 2017

    3-Wheel Electric Forklift Truck, 1997, 3700mm Simplex Part Free Lift Mast, Sideshift,

    11062-hours. Reverse Alarm and Beacon, New Battery and Tyres. Charger to suit.

    £3,550.00 + Vat (As is) (STOCK)

  • Toyota FBM20 Electric Forklift Truck March 1, 2017

    Toyota 2-ton Electric Forklift Truck, 1996, Good Runner, Battery OK for Light Use,

    4300mm 3-Stage Triplex Mast, Sideshift, 3-Phase Charger, 80-Volt Battery

    £2,200.00 + Vat (SOLD)