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Refurbished Trucks Available


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Linde H20T LP Gas Truck

Linde H20T, 2000Kg Capacity, 3-Stage Mast Full Free Lift, 4500mm Lift Height, Sideshift

2013 with 5794-Hours.


Mitsubishi FG18NT LP Gas Truck

Mitsubishi FG18NT LP gas Powered FLT,

1800Kg Capacity, Triplex Mast FFL, 4700mm Lift Height, 2019 machine with 5700-hours, Manual Hydraulic Controls.

Truck will come serviced, Painted and have a 12-month Thorough Examination.

£7,500.00 + Vat (In Stock)


Mitsubishi FG25N LP Gas Forklift Truck

Mitsubishi LP Gas Powered Counterbalance Forklift Truck, 2500Kg Capacity, 3-Stage Triplex Container Spec Mast, 4700mm Lift Height, 2012 machine, Sideshift, Fingertip Control. Truck will come Painted, Service and have a 12-Month Thorough Examination.

£5,500.00 + Vat (STOCK)


Samuk B35D Diesel Powered FLT, 3500Kg Capacity, 2013 machine.

3-Stage FFL Mast, 4500mm Lift Height, Sideshift, 5103-Hours, Part Cab.

£8,700.00 + Vat (STOCK)

Artison FG30 LP Gas Powered FLT

Artison FG30 Gas Powered 4-Wheel FLT

3000Kg Capacity, 3-Stage Triplex FFL Mast, 5500mm Lift Height, Manual control hydraulic levers,

Year 2015, 4200-Hours, Full Road Lights, Good Tyres & Forks. Side shifting Fork Positioner Fitted with 1520mm Forks,

Opening Range is 380mm – 1310mm

£10,500.00 + Vat (STOCK)

Hyster 2-ton Diesel Powered FLT

Hyster H2.0FT Diesel Powered Forklift Truck, 2000Kg Capacity, 2008, 4400mm Triplex Full Free Lift Mast, Sideshift

Full Road Lights, Serviced and recent Thorough Examination.

£4,000.00 + Vat (STOCK)